Friday, September 09, 2005

Clearly, I Have Snapped

Sorry to have been so absent and so boring. We are entering the wedding-crunch time now (two weeks and counting) and life is getting kind of stressful.

To make matters worse, the Fluffy Little Princess
had some sort of seizure last Saturday evening. The vets (the emergency vet and her normal vet) both said there are so many possible causes that we can't narrow it down without lots of expensive testing (like a special doggy MRI on the North Shore). We have been advised to keep an eye on her and see how often they occur, if ever again. So far we don't think she's had any more seizures, but we both work all day, so what do we know?

Once we got the dog and wedding situations under control, I was able to concentrate on my knitting again. I went to my LYS and bought some Jamieson's DK wool in a lovely raspberry heather with the intention of someday knitting this:

I can hear you.
"Are you nuts?"
"Why, why? Why? Has the Summer of Lace Shawl Challenge taught you nothing? Aren't you sick of lace?"
"The pattern's twenty years old and so sweet I could choke!"

I know, I know. It's all true, I deny nothing. But the pattern will be less sweet once the sides are fitted, the neckline is scooped to the point where it must be worn with a tank, and the bow is gone. Then it'll just be (I hope) feminine. And maybe a smidge sexy. Of course, I suppose the men who will find it sexy are the same men who find librarians irresistable. I think my fiance fits into that niche, but I don't believe the topic has come up over supper lately so I can't say for sure.

In other knitting news, I'll be starting the edging on Domovoi this weekend and hopefully putting the edging on Snowdrop next week. Pictures when they're all blocked and complete.

There has been some spinning, too. I finished up the grey roving that Scullery Maid gave me--just over 150 yards total. Yay!

The flower garden is mostly dead, except of course for the unkillable Darth Vader hollyhock, which is potted up and ready for its new home at Maggie's, assuming she still wants it. I am ready for fall (albeit not winter, not yet) and hoping to knit through Red Sox post-season games. I am not holding my breath on that last clause. They could still blow it.

P.S. Oh, and my bridesmaids STILL don't have dresses.
P.P.S. Two weeks.


Laurie said...

Don't you just love living on the edge? The hollyhock that is about to tip O V E R, the bridesmaid dresses, the renovations to the pattern, and yes, those Red Sox. There are SO many Yankee games between now and then, we might even miss a wild card.

Sonia said...

I hope Fluffy Little Princess heal soon! She is beautiful and lovely!

Susan said...

My dog had a few seizures when we first got him, as 6-year old. It was (I believe) because of an untreated thyroid condition. Saw lots of info to lead me to that conclusion, although my vet just shrugged. It just took a bit before we found his correct level on his medication, and then he was also, interestingly enough, seizure free.

It was scary. But he is totally healthy now (still a big dog though).