Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wooly Bully

Look what the postman brought me yesterday, courtesy of Mielke's Fiber Arts:

And it brought a friend, so much red merino that it will take me a lifetime to spin it (I ordered a half-pound, mostly just to see how much that actually was. Now I know! Yikes.)

And Mielke's must have figured me for a sucker for those variegated wools because they included a hank of the so-lovely Endicott merino:

It's even prettier in real life than it is on their web site! And, as Spindlerose predicted, it seems to spin up pretty subtly (at least as far as I can tell... wait for it...)

The spindle and I took to each other immediately. It weighs one ounce, but compared to Claudia's CD spindle it feels like 5 pounds.

The merino and I have had a more difficult adjustment period. Within a half-hour of opening the box, the sides of my fab new spindle were dinged because I just had to play with the new merino, and the new merino just had to keep shredding while I spun, whether I spun thick or thin. After repeated shreds and drops and dings (I mean, like every ten seconds), I finally decided that the merino needed an unholy amount of twist in its fibers to keep it from shredding.

Oh, why the dings, you ask? Surely I had the good sense to play over carpet. Nonononono. I like to sit and spin on my bluestone patio. If I can't have sheep grazing in my yard, I might as well have wool. Word to the wise: do not play with new spindles and fibers while sitting on a surface, well, hard as rock. Bad things happen.

Here's my best, most recent attempt at plying the merino. The shading does seem very subtle and the color is gorgeous. I'm actually really sorry I ordered that red merino instead of this:

(I'm sorry, that is the crappiest picture! I just realized. Many apologies. I'll post another one that shows the color better later.)

Those folks at Mielke's have sucked me in!

And in nature news, this morning we had a flock of turkeys-- three big ones (mamas? hens?) and about 15 chicks of varying sizes in the yard. I tried to get a picture without scaring them but this was the best I could do. They were very alert, protective mamas and I didn't dare use the flash. Apparently, turkeys have exceptional hearing. Too bad for them they can't hear the turkey fryer bubbling in November...

There are still no sheep grazing in my yard.

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Lynne said...

What a pretty spindle!
You have turkeys wandering around your yard???? To me that is like saying a roo or a koala wandered in.
I'm enjoying reading back through your blog :-)