Saturday, August 20, 2005

Things You All Realized/Accomplished Long Ago

I just finished Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. It is a beautiful book, a meditation about the differences in human lives. It got me thinking about that very subject, and I started to think that one of the key differences, "how the other half lives," as it were, tends to be violence, almost more than poverty. Poverty and violence tend to go hand in hand, but there's plenty of peaceful poverty, just as there is plenty of wealthy violence. And when you live and work in the same small town, you realize that money doesn't prevent battered wives, abused children, drug use or guns. Sometimes arguments over money trigger the battering. As my fiance said of one of our former clients, "You could just tell she was terrified of her husband." And I thought to myself, how different from my life, and yet, we live only a few miles apart, and demographically we are probably closer than that.

But enough downer talk! It's not really a sad book, I swear. Although it is also about growing old and approaching and accepting death, which is actually a worry that keeps me awake at night. It might have helped on that count.

On a happier note, here's my first skein of homespun, washed and drying on the patio. It's just over 100 yards, somewhere in the DK weight range. As the CD spindle filled, I stored the singles on toilet paper rolls. One of the rolls had more yarn than the other, so I spun a little more and twisted it together with the end of the lesser roll, and incredibly enough, it stuck. I do realize that probably wouldn't work with a smoother fiber. Then, when the rolls were about even, I plied them together on the CD spindle. Pleased as punch, I am. And I still have more to spin!


melanie said...

Yay homespun! Don't you love the toilet paper roll trick. I love that trick (thanks Claudia!)

claudia said...

That skein is just SO FABULOUS. Thanks for the book rec.