Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Puzzlement

I spent this afternoon out on a lazy ramble on my bike, enjoying the scent of summersweet in the air (honestly, it smelled like a lady with honeysuckle perfume was riding in front of me, the summersweet was so strong), when I got lost looking for my next turn onto Winter Street. And then I started to wonder.

Our Olde New Englande street names are ridiculously utilitarian: East, West, North, South, Main, Church, School, Market, Boston Post Road, the Lynnway, Winter, Spring, Summer... eh? what's missing?

Fall. There is never a Fall Street. Pretty much every town has a Winter, Spring and Summer, but in all my days I have not come across a Fall Street, and, I mean, I read maps for fun. I know pretty much every single street in my tiny little podunk town (I was a realtor for years; you learn your streets quickly).

So why no Fall Street? The only reason I can think of is that it sounds too dangerous, like "Precipice Avenue" (there's a street you want to drive your horse and buggy down). Like people would read it as a warning, rather than a way. They were a pretty superstitious bunch--too unlucky?

Have any of you seen a Fall Street? Or do you have any ideas why every town doesn't have one? Just curious. Maybe out there in the blogosphere someone knows the answer to this riddle!

Later note: the fiance just pointed out that some towns have an Autumn. Although it is not as common (by far) a street name as the other three seasons (at least according to my random, statistically-insignificant survey of the Arrow Street Atlas for Metro Boston and Eastern Massachusetts).


Lynne said...

There's a Lynnway? - they can't spell my name but how cool is that!

Laurie said...

Don't know of any fall or winter names in my area of the woods. But lots of streets with names of the town to which they head, in ONE direction only. If you are going away from the town.....never mind.