Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Mist

Maybe you guys aren't all familiar with that excellent Stephen King story. There's a big storm in this little remote lakeside town in Maine. Post-storm, a heavy blinding mist settles in. That's the mist that's settled in my head over the past week.

Okay, maybe not exactly the same mist, because that one had many-tentacled, strong-jawed creatures in it that ate people and destroyed civilization as we know it. But I do feel like this mist has made off with my brain.

Plus, it's been extremely slow at work, and I can't tell if that's good or bad (for my mist, that is). On the one hand, the lack of activity makes it hard for me to keep my eyes open; on the other, at least my few remaining brain cells aren't being too taxed.

So I apologize for not being very entertaining or having much to say this week. I'll write more when I wake up. And by then I'll have Domovoi pictures...

1 comment:

Etherknitter said...

Read thru blogland. You will find that mist everywhere. I'm trying to fight it off but I a m n o t w i n n i nnnnnnnn g.