Monday, August 15, 2005

Best of both worlds

Thankfully, we didn't get the destructive storms that hit so much of the state last night--even towns just a few miles away. But we did get a lovely rainstorm that lasted for a good long while (about 45 minutes), filled up the rain barrels and saturated the ground, and even better, today is a grey, cool, drizzly day. Hallelujah!

In the meantime, I have happy pictures of vegetables (the one thing I have been watering):

our cucumbers

our tomatoes

We have green beans, too. It's like a farmstand here. My first successful veggie garden ever!

In knitting news, I spent the weekend figuring out what to do with the third shawl. I stopped Snowdrop before the lace edging, because time is running short and I can always add the lace edging after the wedding if necessary.

In the meantime, I started Domovoi, but quickly realized that at the size I had cast on I would have to knit for a minimum of three hours every single day to get it done in time. The white edge you see is the invisible cast on. I was loathe to rip it all out and start again with fewer stitches, because that invisible cast on took forever.

I played with a different shawl pattern from the Folk Shawls book (can't remember the name now, maybe North Sea Shawl?), but that shawl required more yarn-overs and ssks, which is too hard on my hands, and only saved a half-hour, time-wise.

So I decided to rip Domovoi up, start over smaller, and do away with the invisible cast on. I strongly suspect that its ultimate effect will not be worth one iota of the bother, especially since you pick up stitches along two other sides of the shawl when you do the edging. Now I'll just be picking up along three sides.

(sorry for the quality, first picture I've taken with my phone)

It is always hard for me to believe that that small cluster of stitches could become a shawl. But it will become one, one that I can knit two inches of in two hours and have a prayer of finishing by September 24.

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