Saturday, July 30, 2005

We are always thinking ahead here at Martita Rampage.

For instance, I have my knitting projects planned (in my head) through Spring 2006. There are a few gaps, though, and of course now there are spinning projects to plan, too. Which brings me to today's spinning question for my expert spinning friends out there in Blogland:

Could I conceivably--you know, if I knew what I were doing-- spin this (Meilke's Farm Rose Quartz):

with this (Mielke's Farm Sunset)?

Or would it be better to spin the two separately and ply them together? The project I have in mind for this combination would be Butterfly, modified to be a cardigan, because I have belly issues. The issues would be that my belly sticks out in an unflattering way, and the wings of Butterfly would merely create a lovely frame for the protruberance. Again, we have the critical striping quandary, now left in deeply inexperienced hands.

Or would blending these two wools into one yarn make a muddy mess? They are variegated already, after all; perhaps I shouldn't mess about with the colors.

So here, just to recap, are the questions at hand:
Can you spin two variegated wools together?
Or is it better to spin them separately and ply them together?
Or should you leave them alone already and stop fussing?


claudia said...

Sample. Sample. Sample. Spin up a little, ply a little, knit a little swatch.

No one can tell you what you will like. They are both beautiful colors, but only trying it will tell you how nicely they play together.

Rosemary said...

As Claudia said, sample. A lot. Spin your singles from the fold (Grafton Fibers has a good on-line tutorial).

I would be tempted to take random bits from each for the singles and then ply to see what happens to achieve the long stripes. When spun, these tops tend to be subtley colored. If you'd like I'll try to did up pictures of what I did with the Rose Quartz.

Laurie said...

From a less experienced set of hands, but nevertheless opinionated: I think that carding them together would be the way to mix best, and we ain't going there. So spinning separately, plying together make sense. As does sampling, as suggested by the WAY experienced pundits.

Claudia's swatch idea is an excellent one.

elisa said...

Dude - I don't know shit about spinning, but Claudia's advice seems sound (not surprising, of course!).

Have a terrific weekend!

scullerymaid said...

I would definitely sample, but I'll bet the "spin the colors separately, ply them together" option will be lovely.