Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Here's my most recent spindle-business:

I'm working hard on my spinning and plying tightness. There seems to be a fine line between just twisted enough and overspun. This batch was ever-so-slightly overspun. I was experimenting with keeping a little extra twist in to see if it would prevent the slubbing during plying. It's still a little slubby, but it's beginning to look like yarn! I mean, you could knit with it.

With a few minutes' practice every day, I notice improvement, which is very satisfying. As an adult, you generally don't have that many experiences any more where you can watch yourself improve. For the most part, we do all our learning as children; by the time you hit your mid-30s, it's been a while since you learned anything from scratch. Which means that when you finally do, it can be very frustrating for a while (witness my learning to ski at 32--it's a wonder I didn't break my skis over someone's head), but extra-satisfying when you finally get it.

And didn't a study recently say that learning new things as you age can help stave off Alzheimer's? Skiing at 32, spinning at 42... maybe when I'm 52 I can finally learn to sail.


claudia said...

That yarn is very *real*. Go ahead. Swatch it!


melanie said...

That looks great!! Very pretty and absolutely real. Go Martha!

mf said...

Looks great!! would you like to try a wheel now??? hmmmm I have an extra one....LOL

scullerymaid said...

Hey, that yarn looks great! You go! btw, that slubby beginner stuff is called Designer Yarn, and people pay a lot of money for it.