Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Look Morticia, I brought you some flowers...

Your favorites! I bet you all thought I was kidding about the hollyhocks. Now do you believe me? I have half a mind to complain to Burpee. They were supposed to be lovely cottagey pastels.

Here's another shot, demonstrating the full effect of the hollyhocks next to my gorgeous peach roses:

"Luke, I am your father..." (spoken into a fan)

So what did I do this holiday weekend? Read and knit. Only one more year left to the Civil War and about 200 pages. Disease and worthless Confederate money are Mary Chesnut's biggest problems. In 1863 Virginia, using Confederate currency, it cost about $60 more to buy 24 yards of flannel than it does today using US dollars. The diary is a real reminder of how hard life was in the 19th century-even without war-and how astonishingly easier modern medicine has made our lives. So many of the diary entries reference entire families killed by smallpox and women and their infants dying in childbirth. And we complain because they haven't discovered a cure for the common cold yet.

And I do believe that shawl #1 is just about done. I held it up to my back last night on its needles, and it hung down to my butt. And I expect it to grow a bit in blocking. Now I'm just waiting for my new blocking wires to get here!


Maggie said...

Save me some seeds! I love that hollyhock...I'll need to grow them next year.

melanie said...

Darth Hollyhock. That's freakin awesoem.

YAY - almost done with wedding shawl!!

melanie said...

awesome. I meant awesome.

I can't spell because my keyboard is resting precariously on my desk since the under-desk shelf thingee broke.