Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lace Blocking

Wow. Lace sure stretches a lot when you block it. My shawl is about 3 times larger now. And so gorgeous! So sheer, so lovely... so pleased.

Here it is on the blocking wires:

and a close-up of the wires and pins for those, like me, who have never used blocking wires before:

(Profuse apologies for the poor choice of blocking towels).

Yes, as Yarn Harlot suspected, threading wires through wet lace is only slightly more fun than "licking cactus." My pattern luckily has little circles in it, ideal for threading wires through. And yes, I could have used pins, but it would have taken thousands and I wasn't up for that. While threading blocking wires through itty-bitty circles was tedious, it wasn't half as bad as sticking pins in every single itty-bitty edge circle would have been.

Now, time to start winding balls of yarn for Shawl #2! And now that I've had another look at Yarn Harlot's snowdrop shawl, I think I might just make one for my bridesmaids. It might take too long, though (clock is SO ticking).

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