Friday, July 08, 2005

How much is that dog yarn in the window?

From an interview with Lyndall "Granny" Toothman in Foxfire 10:

"...You don't really teach anyone to spin. They've got to learn by trial and error. You've got to get it in your hands until your fingers do it without your thinking. You kind of get in a rhythm....Until you get to the point where you can think about something else and spin, you're not really spinning....You've got to get it in your fingers instead of your head.

"Dog hair is much easier spun and much softer than sheep's wool. I do a lot of dog hair spinning now. Of course I do wool, camel, llama and all the traditional spinning yarns [but I like spinning dog hair the best].

"Sheep wool has to be washed and picked and carded before it is ready to spin. Dog hair is easier because you just pick it up from the combings and run it through the wheel. ...You just wash your dog and comb him when he's shedding.

"Cat hair doesn't spin as well as dog hair does. They only have one coat of hair, and you have to be very gentle with cat hair. You can't handle it or anything, or it will wad. Cat and rabbit hair both wad, but rabbit hair is not as bad.

"...I even spun some penguin fur one spun beautifully....I can spin duck down if I just get the down [and not the feathers]."

Note: she has even spun human hair, including quite a few shaven beards.

And speaking of cat fur, my poor evil cat Dinah went to the vet yesterday and had blood drawn. It was a very traumatic experience for her. She had to be muzzled to keep her from biting anyone--the muzzle even covered her eyes so she couldn't see. It must have been frightening, but she seemed to calm down actually. Then she had to get her nails clipped and paws restrained so she couldn't scratch anyone. Even I felt sorry for the little devil--although at the same time I thought in the back of my mind that she does bring all this upon herself by not being a nice cat. I know, she looks nice in the picture, but she can take you down. See how her eyes glow?

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mf said...

OMy She looks like my kitty!! even the eyes! both dog/cat fur are very spinable best when blended with soem wool or other longer fiber