Friday, July 15, 2005

Edelweiss, edelweiss...

That's right: I'm knitting Snowdrop.

My excitement about Snowdrop last night made me realize that I would never get through the Summer of Lace Shawl Challenge if I knit the same pattern three times. I could not face the bird's eye pattern again. And so far, about 20 rows in, I am loving Snowdrop.

Unlike the bird's eye pattern, Snowdrop has lots of just-plain-knitting. And unlike the bird's eye pattern, the pattern stitches are only on the right side of the shawl--the wrong side is purl all the way. SO much easier, and should knit up faster, too (I hope). No, it doesn't look as much like you spent a lifetime tatting, like bird's eye, but I think it has more visual interest because the pattern has more than one element.

Speaking of bird's eye, here's a picture of the blocked shawl. Ignore my cranky expression:

It'll do.

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