Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This Week In Review

My accomplishments for the week, so far:

--Bicycling home, I smoked a kid on a motorized scooter. Am I proud of this? Well, yes. But here's why: 1) the little punk was riding his scooter down the middle of a busy road, right smack on the yellow lines, because he thought he was going to pass me (and it must not be cool to ride your scooter on the sidewalk); 2) let's face it, I'm old--who knew I could muster such speed?; 3) did I mention it was a motorized scooter?? I ^%&* hate those things.

--12 more lace rows! Here's another reason not to knit lace: progress is pretty hard to report. 12 rows in my pattern equals 3 little circle rows. Yippee skippee.

--Managed to go to yoga class without falling asleep.

--Ate two good-size ice cream cones in one sitting.

--Massively screwed up a sod order at work (I screwed up so bad we had to send the sod back--to Rhode Island, which is where sod comes from, in case you were wondering).

--Finished another chapter of Mary Chesnut's Diary. The Civil War has barely begun and I've already renewed the book so many times the library won't let me renew it again. I might have to buy this one in paperback, that is if I really intend to read all 892 pages. Can you say skim? Awaiting my attention is a Foxfire book about chairmaking and gourd art. So much more fun than the Civil War!

Between the shawl and the Civil War, this must be my Summer of Monumental Projects. Oh, and the whole wedding thing... nothing monumental about that.

book, shoe and shawl

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