Monday, June 20, 2005

Random Thoughts

While I was gardening the other day, I was thinking about modern life. Specifically, why it is that so many of us seem to be turning back toward fiber arts. Doesn't it seem odd, that in a society where you can run out to the store and buy an outfit, not only are people making their own clothes, they're making the fabric and the thread/yarn the fabric is made out of? Knitting and spinning are supposed to be obsolete. So is gardening, for that matter. But there is obviously some satisfaction to the process alone, the growing of the vegetables or the spinning of the yarn, etc. It's partially the creativity that gives it satisfaction, but there's something soothing and calming about it too.

And then I realized that to a small extent, I tend to reject technology. Not all technologies, obviously (I am sitting here typing on a computer), but I pick and choose. I have a microwave, but not a mixer. I have a cell phone, but it doesn't text or send pictures. I have a TV, but it's antique and on its last legs. Basically, if it's not going to improve my life, why have it? Who needs a mixer when you have spoons? Do you really need to text your friends, when you can call them? Why add clutter to your life just because it's there? And noise. Electronic gadgets, for the most part, make a lot of noise. And maybe that's partially behind the spinning/knitting thing: it's quiet.

Quiet, meditative, lulling, creative: it's all so very Zen! Who needs yoga when you can knit?

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