Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fun with the dog

At a fabulous party at Melanie's house yesterday, I discussed shaving my heat-intolerant dog with Bookish Wendy. We both had seen golden retrievers shaved for the summer and thought it would probably be okay if I shaved mine. But today, while giving Cammy a much needed brushing and trim, I realized why I couldn't shave the poor girl: she'd be bald. I was reminded this morning, as I brushed a shopping bag full of soft, fluffy undercoat from her, that she sheds her entire undercoat in the summer (called "blowing coat" in dog parlance, I understand), leaving her with just a thin layer of orange topcoat over her skin. Those goldens Wendy and I have seen shaved must have been males--they don't shed the same way (remember how Lassie was a male? That's why). The Camster LOVES being brushed--it shivers her spine and she sprawls out so you can reach her nooks and crannies more easily.

Tell you what: if golden retriever fur can be spun into yarn, I'm totally getting a spinning wheel. You would not believe the dust bunnies this dog generates. They drift across the kitchen floor like tumbleweeds bouncing down ghost town main streets.

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claudia said...

Um, I totally hate to tell you this. But dog fur makes perfectly respectable yarn when spun.