Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Coat for the Canine Little Miss

I've been researching dog coat patterns recently.  I always thought they were silly -- and for super-furry dogs I still think they are -- but Gigi has very little hair, and no undercoat to keep her warm in the winter.  She will definitely need some insulation when the weather turns.
I found an adorable pattern in the Lion Brand Yarns archives:


So cute, right? And the dog even looks a bit like Gigi!  And it's sort of frilly and feminine (thanks to a crocheted shell edging that I'm not sure I'm going to keep), perfect for a tidy, dainty little miss.

BUT it specifies a needle size that doesn't exist anymore, doesn't specify gauge or type of yarn ('m assuming worsted weight), and has no measurements.  So I'm using it as sort-of a jumping off point for the details.  

At this point, I've ripped it up 3 times and am pretty much only keeping the checkerboard stitch pattern.

I'm thinking of using an inch selvage on each side, with a Velcro fastening on the belly (pattern calls for a sewn seam, but Gigi is very squirmy; I don't see her letting me pull a sweater over her torso).  On this, my fourth iteration, I'm working the neck and shoulders on circular needles, then planning going back to straight needles and the aforesaid Velcro fastening when I cast off for the front legs.  I am completely winging it--it's an adventure! 

I wholeheartedly expect to rip it up at least one or two more times.